10 popular places for sex

We live in a world that is governed by the prevalence of laws that guard public order, which is good. Otherwise, it would not have taken long before we went back to Medieval times. Yet, there are matters that conform to no law, and one of them is the spark of mutual desire that bursts between people, making them love each other in some of the most unusual of locations. Some say that you should try sex in a new location when you feel like your sex life goes down a steep hill, gradually turning into a hackneyed routine rather than a wildfire of emotions and sensations filling up every single cell of your body. Well, you might want to start diversifying your sex life before it gets too late. Today, we are going to talk about the ten most popular places for sex. Prepare to tick off every box on the list.

1. Hotel Room

Oh, yes! This is the good old classic that we’re talking about. There is truly something special about hotel rooms, and people just can’t resist the lure that special spirit of an affair in a hotel room is associated with. Just like searching for a credible review of megahookup.com before start using it, people pay special attention to choosing the hotel in which they are likely to spend some time of their lives. Now, think of it: even the newlyweds spend their “first” night together in hotel rooms.

2. Online

Yes, my friend, this is the 21st century that we’re living in. Regardless of how awkward you might find it but the world of online is nowadays one of the most popular sites for having sex. Online dating has become an integral part of modern people’s lives, and cybersex has evolved as an essential component of it. As a matter of fact, all those web platforms and online messengers are quite helpful, especially when it comes to talking about the loved ones who have to live far from each other due to a number of reasons possible.

3. Into the Wild

There are moments in life when the desire comes out of nowhere. A single gaze into the eyes of your partner can start driving you mad, especially when your lungs are filled with the charm of fresh air. Asking whether fresh forest air is a powerful aphrodisiac is like asking is mega hookup a legit site? This is a rhetorical question because there is one only answer possible: yes, it is. So, doing “it” in the forest, in the wild nature, is also a “venue” popular with lovers.

4. On the Cloud Nine

If you have ever heard your partner saying that sex with you takes them to cloud nine, you can be proud of yourself. Still, when we’re talking about cloud nine in terms of the most popular places for sex, we should definitely mention the aircraft lavatories. Come on, we have all seen those passionate scenes in the movies where the characters want each other so bad that they cannot wait for the place to land.

5. Beaches

Is there actually something more romantic in this world than having sex with a person you love while watching the sun bathing down in the mirror-like surface of a sea or an ocean? It seems like there’s not. So, there is no wonder why so many people like to do it on the beaches and why having sex on a beach has already entered our culture as a symbol of the wildest love one can ever have.

6. Church

Buckle up, folks, cause things are about to get nasty. Regardless of how strong one’s faith might be, having sex in a church is a challenge that a lot of young people are willing to accept. Those of you who might still remember the 2005 cinematography classic, The Euro Trip, will surely remember how it all ended in the most promiscuous of ways possible.

7. Quite a Ride

When a person searches for reviews for megahookup online, her first task to find out whether it is a decent hookup online platform. Also, people want to know whether it would be a website where they would be able to find sex and not just vapid conversation. When it comes to choosing a place for having sex, a car is quite a decent variant. It is comfortable, romantic, and, guess what, cheap. No wonder so many young people are being caught by the police while having sex in vehicles.

8. Clubs

Now, there is nothing much to tell you here, as you, probably, already know that the Dutch have taken the Netherlands. People go to night clubs to have fun and having sex in the lavatories there is quite a go-to with youths. Hopefully, they all remember about protection.

9. Class

Two students left out in a college class. Classic. Young people often find it hard to contain their sexual energy, so sex in class is quite a popular “activity.” Leave two students working on a project in class, and you will most likely see something interesting happening.

10. Kitchen

We all remember the 2004 film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had some of the hottest sex scenes ever after a long fight with each other. That movie set the trend for having an incredibly hot peace-making sex in the kitchen. It starts on a counter and ends wherever the two want.


Location matters, and there is no way to reject this fact, especially when it comes to talking about sex. There are places where people are used to making love to each other, and there are places that challenge their sexual imagination. Yet, as long as it does not interfere with anyone who is not supposed to be disturbed, make love and not war. And yes, do not forget that regardless of how experienced an astronaut may be, he always wears a spacesuit.